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About Us

The "Chesapeake Corvette Club" has been around since 1986. We exist as a social organization to enjoy each other with our "corvettes". Our member's cars range from the early years to the newest models. Our members come from all around the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Our events are shows, rallys and rides, and visits to locations of interests. We are a non- profit club  and many if not most, of our activities contribute to very worthwhile charities locally. 

We meet on the 4th tuesday of each month and prospective members must attend 3 functions/events before being considered for membership. Meetings are open to the general public and prospective members however you must own a registered corvette  to become a member.  

If you own or are considering the purchase of a corvette and are looking to have fun, meet great people and enjoy your corvette with others, please look us up.